* Whole Home audio / Video
* Home Theatre / Audio Design/Consulting
* Web enabled smart thermostats
* Web enabled home automation

Surveillance & CCTV:
* IP and Analog Surveillance camera systems, specializing in IP based network surveillance.
* Hybrid Analog/Digital Surveillance systems.
* Integration with smartphones.
* Watch your cameras from cell phone or computer with Internet.
* Get notified on your cell phone when there is motion.
* Certified Axis Camera Installer & Reseller
* Certified Luxriot Distributor

Network Security:
* Gateway based security appliances for Unified threat management
* Remote VPN networks

Web / Internet Presence:
* Web design and development
* Web marketing and corporate branding
* Web hosting / Email hosting
* Content management systems
* E-Commerce (Shopping carts)

Network Management:
* Network security, planning, deployment, maintenance, upgrades.
* Remote VPN Services
* Telephony over IP Based network.
* IP Based Network PBX phone systems.
* Migration from traditional phones to digital phones.
* System/Network management of Windows and Linux Systems
* CAT5 data and communication drops
* IDF installation

Custom Software / Programming Services:
* Custom software solutions for your business.
* Custom client software and web based software solutions.
* Specializing in leveraging open source software for reduced licensing fees.

Sports Event Video Recording
* DVD Publishing
* Youtube Publishing

Computer / Network Maintanence:
* Network or computers not performing up to optimal performance?
* Old and tired computers need replacing?
* Running old software versions of your critical business apps and need help upgrading?
* Your network and computers not up to optimal performance? Call us.